The college classroom is a place for developing tools and relationships to make sense of the world’s apparent randomness. It is my dual role as an ethnographer and educator of first-generation college students that leads me to value life experience as a crucial teacher. I regularly bring the world into the classroom through discussions, media, and guest speakers. My wider ambition is to empower students with the critical capacities, skills, and confidence they will need to navigate an increasingly uncertain future.

My extensive teaching experience includes working with a diverse range of students at both the beginning and final semesters of their college careers, and it brings me great satisfaction to help them navigate these multiple phases. At the University of Michigan, I completed a Graduate Teacher Certificate, and I was recognized as an honored instructor by UM Housing, having been nominated by my students. My teaching experience includes being the instructor of record for the upper-level sociology course Urban Inequality and the Comprehensive Studies Program’s summer bridge course. I have also served as the discussion section instructor for Economic Sociology, Introduction to Sociology (on the topics of the 2016 election and social inequality), Introduction to Statistics, and Social Deviance.